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Applied Geophysics Laboratory

Established by: Dr. Azadeh Hojat, 2013
Manager: Dr. Azadeh Hojat

Exploration Geophysics is one of the most important courses of mining engineering studies. The Applied Geophysics Laboratory was established at the Department of Mining Engineering to provide a research center for geophysical studies. It is also planned to help students to better understand the basics of geophysics. Scheduling to hold national and international scientific events to develop various aspects of geophysics also falls within the aims of establishing this laboratory.

The main research fields currently being considered at this laboratory include:

*  Nondestructive testing in geomechanics;

*  Engineering and environmental investigations;

*  Mineral exploration;

*  Hydrogeological studies;

*  Earthquake precursors.

Measuring the electrical resistivity values of soil samples at the laboratory.

The following M.Sc. research projects have been supported by the Applied Geophysics Laboratory:

  • Site selection studies for constructing a geomagnetic observatory in Kerman Province.
  • A feasibility study of secondary recovery at heap no. 1 of Sarcheshmeh copper mine (with the cooperation of Sarcheshmeh Research and Development Center).
  • Detection of qantas using remote sensing studies and electrical resistivity measurements, A case study: Shahid Bahonar University of Kerman.
  • An investigation of subsurface characteristics of heap leaching at Sarcheshmeh copper mine using geophysical methods (with the cooperation of Sarcheshmeh Research and Development Center and Z.A.P. Consulting Engineers Company).

GPR survey on heap leaching utility at Sarcheshmeh copper mine, Kerman, Iran.

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