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Discrete Medium Mechanics Laboratory

Established by: Dr. Saeed Karimi Nasab, 2008
Manager: Dr. Saeed Karimi Nasab

Rock mass is known as a material which is intrinsically a discrete medium containing various discontinuities. These discontinuities, that are present in different scales, greatly control the mechanical and hydro-mechanical behavior of the rock mass. Therefore, in order to analyze the structures constructed through and on the rock mass (such as dams, tunnels, open pit and underground mines, oil and gas wells, etc.) it is necessary to study various aspects of the rock mass behavior.

The Discrete Medium Mechanics Laboratory of Shahid Bahonar University of Kerman was established in the Department of Mining Engineering in 2008. The main purpose of establishing this laboratory was to physically model the various phenomena associated with jointed rock mass. This research center has sponsored several M.Sc. and Ph.D. thesis researches since then.

The first native generation of direct shear test apparatus has been designed and constructed with the cooperation of our laboratory. This apparatus is capable of accurately performing shear tests of rock joints under different boundary conditions, both statically and dynamically.

Considering the successful experience in understanding the problems and limitations encountered in the industry and solving them, this laboratory can provide civil and mining industry with scientifically based geomechanical services.


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