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Remote Sensing and GIS Laboratory

Established by: Dr. Hojjatollah Ranjbar, 2007
Manager: Dr. Hojjatollah Ranjbar


The aerial photographs have long been used by the geologists and the mineral exploration experts as well. The aerial photographs of the Iranian main land with variety of scales were acquired by different agencies in Iran. The oldest coverage was obtained in 1958 with a scale of 1:50 000. The laboratory has the aerial photographs of parts of Kerman and Fars provinces. These photographs are interpreted and analyzed both by analogue and digital methods in the remote sensing laboratory.

Remote sensing is the acquisition of information about an object or phenomenon without making physical contact with the object. The satellite images are the basic data that are used for mineral exploration in different stages of mineral exploration right from the reconnaissance to the detailed exploration stages.  These images are usually used for alteration and lithological mapping, and structural analysis. While doing mine planning, these images are helpful for site selection of different facilities in and around the mine.

The laboratory has been used for both research and teaching purposes. Three remote sensing and GIS projects were completed in this laboratory so far.  In addition, several M. S. dissertations and Ph. D. thesis were completed in this laboratory.

It is possible to organize short term workshops with the following themes:

·         Basic course on remote sensing application for mineral exploration

·         Advanced course on remote sensing application for mineral exploration

·         Basic GIS for mining engineers and geologists

·         Advanced GIS for mining engineers and geologists


The remote sensing and GIS laboratory is equipped with the following facilities:

·         Ten Wild™ Zoom stereoscopes
·         Ten Wild™ Parallax bars

·         Ten Wild™ field stereoscopes

·         Landsat images

·         ASTER images

·         IRS images

·         Aerial photographs

·         Eight personal computers for image processing and GIS analysis


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